Defiant Luxury Clothing Brand.

In a world that is sometimes rock-hard, we bring defiant fashion styles that are rock-solid. At the same time, we make them nuanced like a grain of sand in an hourglass. We are a defiant luxury clothing brand, infatuated with minimalism and smitten by the principle of casualization of fashion.

We employ contemporary elements and superior artistry of fabric design and production. Our design process entails international experts from all fields of fashion design and textile production. We are committed to premium quality materials that defy the odds.

Our purpose is to create outstanding collections for bold people who believe a different future is possible. We create for aesthetics connoisseurs with a deep appreciation for artisanal approach in everything they do, see, and - wear. We create clothes and accessories for those, who dare to live - and love - out loud. At THE ODDS, we create for rebellious dreamers that dress for luxurious comfort and ravishing looks.