THE ODDS alphabet is a foundational collection of high-end casualwear that forms one’s personal style in a formidable fashion.

Each item introduced, allows for a myriad of looks fit for every occasion. Like the alphabet sets the foundation for our interaction with the social world, so does THE ODDS alphabet collection allow for creative ways of expressing your own truth.

As the alphabet is essential to speak, to start spelling, to compose words with letters, with words sentences, THE ODDS alphabet collection is the modern foundation of a quality wardrobe of every individual. It represents a necessary basis for starting a smart, high-end casual way of dressing and developing one’s personal style.

Superior artistry of fabric.

Each piece of clothing in the collection is carefully selected and indispensable just like an individual letter of the alphabet. The clothes in the collection are perfectly combined and complement each other just as we create perfect words by placing the letters of the alphabet. As the alphabet helps us form the basis of our language and communication for a lifetime, THE ODDS alphabet collection represents the necessary streetwise clothing set for everyone to feel and function at their best.

Monochrome, quality, nice looking casual wear.

The pandemic situation accelerated the trend toward the ‘casualisation’ of fashion style, wearing monochrome, quality, nice looking casual wear on a day out is the new norm. Workplaces today are slowly adopting a more casual dress code. THE ODDS collections, therefore, prioritise premium design and comfort over tradition. Wear THE ODDS, nuanced style, and boldness in contemporary fashion.

Luxurious comfort and premium designs.

Our THE ODDS alphabet collection was designed to keep you running in luxurious comfort and premium designs. The alphabet allows you to embrace your signature style, wherever
you’re headed next. Its arsenal contains all key components for a wardrobe that speaks your truth on your own terms. Developed for comfort, fit for glam. We fully embrace and support casualisation of fashion, so we may all get the best of both worlds - the ultimate pleasure of the wearing experience and ravishing looks that defy the odds.

Stand your ground, embrace your oddities.

We care little for traditions because we want you to write new ones. Our clothes are designed to help you stand your ground, embrace your oddities, and let them reflect in your personal style. THE ODDS alphabet embellishes your wardrobe with garments of high-end materials that leave room for imagination and let you focus on what you love most.